Everything you need to know about using the full benefits of your insurance plan with Manhattan Life

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How do I file a claim?

The Easy Upload mobile app or the Easy Form Upload tool found on the Client Services site can be used to securely send documents to us regarding a specific Life & Health policy or Annuity contract. You will need to know the policy number and the owner’s zip code to use this feature.

Quick tutorial on how to submit a claim on the Manhattan Life Mobile app


Register your Teledoc Profile to gain access to your services BEFORE you get sick.

Once you receive your insurance card in the mail you can call Teledoc and reference your policy number.

Teledoc number:


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Learn about all your benefits

As a Manhattan life policy holder you have access to your own portal.

Call 800-669-9030

An expert will assist with coordinating medical care bill negotiations if you get an abnormally high medical bill.

Call 866-969-3435

Use your Prescription Benefits Card for discounts of up to 80%. Also, you can search by local zip code to find the lowest-priced medications.

Call 844-234-3057

Easy affordable medical imaging. Green Imaging offers a network of facilities across the United States.


Manhattan Life policies are a part of the PPO network. This is nationwide coverage with the majority of hospitals & physicians within network

Call 800-226-5116

(To Find Doctors and Hospitals in Your Network Tap The Link Below)

You can talk to a doctor anytime 24/7 from anywhere, whether I’m at home or in the office. Teladoc is a game-changer. You can get a diagnosis and a prescription without having to go into a hospital.


Affordable Choice Health Insurance Policy

• No Deductibles or Coinsurance

• Hospital Admission Benefit

• Cancer Benefit Included

• First Dollar Doctor Visits

• Dr. Office Visit Rollovers

• Prescription Benefit

Dental, Vision & Hearing Policy

• Choose your dentist - In network or out of network

• Family Rates (includes a maximum of 3 children)

• Individual 18 - 85

• $1,000 - $3,000 policy year benefit option available

• Guaranteed Issue

• Guaranteed renewable for life*

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